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Is it normal for a teenage girl to cry and not be sure why? ?

She tells me that she only cries when she isn't talking or doing something, mostly when she's asleep. I think that it might be over a guy that she doesn't realize she hasn't gotten over yet. What do you think?Is it normal for a teenage girl to cry and not be sure why? ?
of course it is... the hormones are running wild inside because her body is going through changes... and if it is about a guy shes hasn't gotten over yet... you should help her... you should have sleep overs with her and some of your friends also go to the mall and look at cute guys and flirt! good luck!Is it normal for a teenage girl to cry and not be sure why? ?
Young teenage girls as well as teen guys have a tendency to be unstable to the most extreme meaning. As they begin to become adults, their bodies change uncontrollably and, along with their bodies, their social environment usually changes with the onslaught of junior to regular high school. Confusion and frustration at the smallest and seemingly insignificant annoyance or err can cause a teen to simply cry or act out from pure frustration and ignorance of their own selves.
I think you may have hit it right on the nose.

I think it's normal for some girl, and ladies to cry and not be sure as to why, but being that she's a teenager, i think some of it my be due to hormones (getting ready to start her period) just so many different things. getting over a boyfriend, something that happened someone passing away. Different things can start it, I think she knows why but just doesn't want to tell.
It is normal, crying has a tendency to occur when your not talking, or doing anything because it gives your mind time to think about things that happen, or something bothering you. Or an incident that you just cant stop thinking about, and you don't know why its because it bothers you. When people are stressed or upset their emotions are portrayed in their dreams and that is what accounts for crying in your sleep.
I'm a teenage girl and I get really moody and cry for no reason. I hope it's normal, haha :]

I think it is, because there's just a lot of things going on in a teenager's life, and so you shouldn't worry about it. There doesn't have to be a reason, and don't obsess over it, because that could get a bit annoying [or at least it would to me]
Yes darling it is. A young woman is going though a lot of changes inside her body. Her hormones are going up and down like a yo yo.

Plus, there are times when we are young, that we feel misunderstood. We need for someone to listen to what we have to say and not judge us.

Talk to your mom and if you can't do that, then talk to a female teacher at school.

It will pass but I totally understand, as I have been there as well.

Bless you and just know that you will start to feel better.
its probably hormonal and it might be over a guy

you just have to make sure you give her space

also while making it perfectly clear to her that you are there for her

she will eventually get over the guy if it is about that but if it continues for a long period of time i would take her to therapy to get down to what it really is
i'd hazard at yes it's perfectly bloody normal. hormones, inexperience, and therefore inablitity to deal with things as an experienced person might... reading paulo coelo at the moment. terrible book but it does mention the idea of the spaces between things eg the spaces between notes of music, between letters, between words, harking back to youth and parental issues, the things you feel when you're not busy. maybe it's family stuff? give her a hug... see if she wants to revisit family stuff
It could be because of a guy or it can just be being a teenager. People dont cry for no reason but they might not no the reason, subconsiously they need to cry but consiously they dont know why. It could be about the guy or just normal stress of being a teenager.
yes it is normal. when your young you cry just cause you can't understand what all your different feelings mean. You don't know how to react so when your alone you just go in your room and cry it all out. it makes you feel alot better sometimes. I'm right there right now.
yes, it happens to all girls

and it gets triggered by just the smallest things

its little tiny things that add up and at the end of the day,

if your hormones are feeling a bit crazy, it can be overwhelming.

its normal, every girl in the world does this lol!

its okay! %26lt;3
girl its ur harmones!lol part of becomin a women!im 12 and somtimes i get real mean and want to be mean to whoever bothers me and then all of a sundden im okey agin!in the begginin i uesd to cry in my bedroom every night before goin to bed and i ddint know why!lol!

but i rode my horse and even tho i was depreessd i got threw it!and im not done yet but just remmeber life goes on no matter what!
I don't think it's over a guy; that's pretty major for over a guy. It could be a contributing factor, but I think she needs to see a psychiatrist because that sounds a lot like depression, which is really prevalent in teenagers today.
Teenage girls have their hormones doing crazy things inside their bodies all the time. This is what makes their moods so unpredictable. They are prone to crying for very little reason. She probably knows why she cries but doesnt want to talk about it.

Like I'm 17 and if nothing upsets me in a while and everything's going perfectly out of nowhere I will start crying at some random time lol. It's just hormones. Natural.

PS this is a girl, im on my boyfriends yahoo

I'm 33, heck, maybe I'm 34, this is the age, you begin to lose count!

I cry, and it doesn't take much.

The world is a difficult place to live in.

When you find something happy, enjoy!
Yup. Hormones can make teenagers do some crazy things. If it bothers her, encourage her to talk to a doctor or counselor. They'll listen to her and give her guidance in a trusting way.
YES very healthy to express emotions and hormones can cause all sorts of tears and mood swings etc its ok to cry, i do alot too and mostly i have no reason to but it feels so good lol
yes, it is normal. Hormones.. and yes it could be over a guy and she isn't comfortable talking about it with you.
i think its normal. i do that crap sometimes with no idea what i'm sad about. Maybe some people just like to have a good cry.
yep. happens to me all the time in body conditioning. people think i do it for attention, but it just happens.
Yeah.. I do all the time. Sometimes you just feel overwhelmed and you can't help but to just cry. Could be stress, could be frustration, anger, a boy... you name it.
no honey.

teenage girls, like myself have crazy emotions and sometimes i will cry over the smallest thing or for no reason its absolutely normal. its tough but she will get through it.
It could be a number or things Hormones,liking a guy,depression,anger and frustrasion, alot of things
Yes all the time. It gets quite annoying especially when your pms'ing haha. Being a teenager is just stressful.
Sounds like a little depression. It usually shows up when you aren't busy and spontaneous crying is one symptom.
HORMONES!!! As long as she isn't showing signs of clinical depression, it's fine. I was a basket case until I went on hormonal birth control.
It's normal, just relax and let her get it out of her system, but to be sure, ask if she ready to tell you why
yes its soo normal i do that sometimes and i ask myself why am i crying its just we have soo many emotions built up and we let em out
I went through that too when I was growing up. Just a lot of changes and emotions that girls go through as teenagers.
I'm past my teenager years and sometimes have crying benders. It's called hormones and you do wacko stuff because of them.
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